International Film Festival


Article 1.

International Film Festival Revelatio (henceforth “The Festival”) is a review competition of films received evaluation by the Selection Committee. The  Festival  will be held in Estonia, Russia and Belarus.

Article 2.

The Festival’s aim is to support cinematographers and to contribute to the development and promotion of film industries.

Article 3.

The program of the Festival and the screening schedule is determined by the Director of the Festival Programs.

Article 4.

The Festival accept applications in the following categories:

  • Films up to 5 minutes (feature films and documentaries, music videos, animations, PSA)
  • Films up to 10 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Films up to 15 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Films up to 20 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Films up to 30 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Films up to 45 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Films more 45 minutes (feature films and documentaries, animations)
  • Photos and Posters

The winners receive valuable prizes from sponsors and partners, laurels and diplomas.

Article 5.

The Festival accepts full-length films and medium-length films (any genres and themes) at least 45 min in length, short-length films (any genres and themes) up to 45 min. A film can be of any year of production, a premiere is not required. The Festival includes films produced in any country. English subtitles are not necessary for Russian films.

We also accept films which have already been released on the Internet. We understand that cinematographers should advance their work.

A request for participation may be sent via the platform after paying a fee indicated on the website. The fee depends on the category and the deadline. The fee does not guarantee a work to be included in the official selection and cannot be refunded.

All rights (including music and literature base) must be cleared. The filmmakers are fully responsible for the observance of rights.

Article 6.

The final decision on the inclusion of the film in the Festival competition program is made by the Selection Committee which reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal and not to give any comment.

Article 7.

The authors of selected films must send the following information to the e-mail address of the Festival not later than 5 days before the Festival begins:

Link for film downloading 2 GB max. (mp4)
Name of the film
Director’s name
Poster or film frame

Article 8.

The organizing Committee selects the winners.

Article 9.

The Festival does not accept films containing information which distribution is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, or containing obscene language. Films that have previously been refused a distribution certificate are also not accepted.

Article 10.

Participation in the Festival implies agreement with the Rules and Regulations set out herein.