Official Selection 

International Film Festival

Official Selection 2023

Project Title Country of Origin Directors
A DEAD SEA Israel Nahd Bashir
Small Life Israel Jessica Kraatz
Качели Russian Federation Ева Серебренникова
Closed to the Light Italy Nicola Piovesan
Happiness without limits Russian Federation Galina Malova-Gra
Fight with death Russian Federation Alexandr Pukhov
Clothes that teach to live Russian Federation Anna Semenikhina
Cyborgs with limitless possibilities Russian Federation Romana Kirshak
I hear you Russian Federation Sofia Safonova
White unicorn Russian Federation Anna Lvovna Мakeeva
The Tale of Two Mice Russian Federation Diana Safarova


Official Selection 2022

Project Title Country of Origin Directors
On / Off Argentina Nicolas P. Villarreal
The World’s Greatest Home Canada Zubair Pradhan
Neighbors Russian Federation
Khe Yn O, Alexandra Netunaeva
Soul of Freedom Russian Federation Nikita Rogachev
J.S. Bach. The Albatross Russian Federation Elena Petkevich
Apple Tree Russian Federation Olga Azhnakina
The kind heart of Africa. Summer Dreams of Dr. Schweitzer Russian Federation Ivan Kapustin
Mooozart Italy Piero Tonin
Van’ka Russian Federation Igor Melnikov
The Poor People Russian Federation Lolita Naranovich


Project Title Country of Origin Other Credits
Movement art Russian Federation Photographer: Maximova Svetlana; Dancer: AlenaTsss
«Legacy of Giants»- Poster Belgium Photographer: Tiago Mesquita
«Let me explain you something.» Belgium Photographer: Tiago Mesquita
Taking care of paperwork. Belgium Photographer: Tiago Mesquita
Golden era glamour — series. Belgium Photographer: Tiago Mesquita
Doctors are many, but not like this one! (series) Belgium Photographer: Tiago Mesquita
Chinese Orthodoxy Russian Federation Photographer: YURY MAXIMOV
BOY United States


Official Selection 2021



«Duino» (United States, 2020) — director Austin T Vincent

«Artist Semyon Bukharin» (Russian Federation, 2020) – director Irina Andreeva

«It will never be» (Croatia, 2020) – director Mateja Stefinscak

«Silent space» (Russia, 2020) — director Mariia Konopatova

«Sonia Loves, Sonia Doesn’t» (Slovakia, 2020) – director Natalia Beliaeva

«Yushka» (Russian Federation, 2018) – director Lolita Naranovich

«Rosie» (Australia) — director Mark Shaba

«Mama Nature» (United Kingdom) — Sally-Ann Gamble

«Next Step Beyond» (Taiwan, 2020) — Angier Peng

«Jelly» (Italy, 2021) — director Giovanna Senatore

«Toy Soldier» (Russian Federation, 2020) – director Vlad Sheng

«CAPRICIOUS OLD MAN» (Belarus, 2020) — director Yuri YELKHOV

«Moon Drops» (Israel, 2018) — director Yoram Ever-Hadani

«Ivet and Michuco» (Spain, 2020) – director Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset

«Stage» (Japan, 2020) — director Kazuya Ashizawa

«The Ribbon» (United States, 2019) — Jonathan Galland

«THE TREE» (Mexico, 2020) — Isaac Díaz Esquivel



«The Obscure Dandelions» — Abdullah A N Al Kandari

«Fire» — Frode Ueland

«FACE-Awards 2015» — Frode Ueland

«Frozen» — Frode Ueland