About film Festival

International Film Festival

The International Film Festival «Revelatio» will be held from 12 to 18 April 2021 in Estonia and Belarus.

Revelatio Film Festival  is a review competition of films received evaluation by the Selection Committee.

The Festival takes place in libraries, cafes, anti-cafe, film schools and cinema clubs. The Festival is held annually, starting in 2021.

The Festival’s aim is to support cinematographers and to contribute to the development and promotion of film industries and audience involvement in film evaluation.

The film festival focuses on a variety of themes and genres.

It is a strong advocate for social change, and encourages cultural diversity and understanding between nations.

We are also including and actively supporting not only the finest examples of classic moviemaking, but works that are experimental, breaking ground in new non-narrative forms and crossing over into the video arts. All films will be reviewed as they are submitted, and the best in each category will be chosen to screen at the festival. Semi-finalist  films will not be screened but will receive our festival laurels.

The final decision on the inclusion of the film in the Festival competition program is made by the Selection Committee which reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal and not to give any comment.

The organizing Committee selects the winners.

The winners receive valuable trophies, laurels and diplomas.

You can only send an application for entry through the platform filmfreeway.com